I’m going, going, back, back to College, College…

This weekend I am heading back to college!  No, not to stay and take classes again, unfortunately, but just to visit.  Needless to say, I am beyond excited for this.  I get to relive the parts of college that I liked the best…the hangout with friends, stay up all night, Sunday Funday, talk about any and everything, and do ridiculous crap, parts.  True, I did graduate from college six years ago so I might be a little older than the median age of kids in the college town bars, and my bedtime is now about five hours earlier than it was back in the good old days, but I’m sure it will still be an awesome time.  I think it’s always fun to go back and hangout with people that you were friends with in college because I believe that the age you became friends with someone is the age you act around them.  (True story…one of my friends said this to me once and if you think about it, I bet you’ll realize how true it really is)  I don’t really know how much we have in common anymore, as one of my friends is married and one is in a serious relationship, but I’m really looking forward to the reminiscing and the trying to drink as much as we did and trying to stay up as late as we did back in college parts.  I hope you all have something awesome planned for the weekend as well!

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